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September 2019
• Do You Need to Worry About Gingivitis in Kids?
• What to Do When an Item Gets Stuck Between Your Teeth
• Annual MPD Drug Take Back
• Ways of Easing Dental Anxiety Before We See You

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August 2019
• The Color of the Produce You Eat Matters
• Can Your Teeth Get Damaged from Too Much Water?
• How to React if You Chip a Tooth

May 2019
• Ways of Keeping Dental Infections Away
• Sports Essentials for Spring - Mouth Guard
• Why Timing How Long You Brush is So Important

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How to React if You Chip a Tooth
Whether the chip on your tooth is small or large, the best thing to do should you chip a tooth is to call us and let us take a look. A small chip may only affect the aesthetics of your tooth, but If the tooth still has a sharp edge to it, we can buff it smooth so that it does not cut any of your oral tissues. Should the chip be large enough to warrant treatment, we can also use composite filling material to return the tooth to its former glory. Call us today!

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