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What Saliva Does When You Eat or Drink Something Acidic
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Acidic foods can harm your dental health, which is why you should consider drinking a glass full of water or rinse your mouth thoroughly after you consume acidic foods. The acid lowers the pH level in your mouth. This causes the pH level of your saliva to drop as well. Also, your saliva becomes acidic and your teeth spend more time in the acidic environment that promotes tooth decay.

It is possible to graph the affect of pH on tooth enamel & dentin. There is a pH level below which decay becomes progressive. Above that pH line the tooth is safe and can even re-mineralize to some extent. Fluoride incorporates into the enamel of the tooth (even with topical use in adults) which effectively changes the tooth so that more acid is required to do the same amount of damage.

Baking soda added to the toothpaste (add more even if you're already using a baking soda toothpaste) creates a buffer system in the saliva. With daily baking soda use that buffer is then always present to bring the pH back up periodically throughout the day.

The next time you sip on an acidic drink or eat food with a lot of lime in it, remember to wash it down with some water. Then consider the benefits of fluoride and baking soda. If you have eaten something acidic, don't forget to floss well, so it can get rid of all the tiny acidic food particles in between the teeth and further lower the risk of cavities.

Here's to living saliva-neutral!

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