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Dogs Can Get Perio, Too!
Getting your dog to brush its teeth has always been problematic (some excuse about not having opposable thumbs). As a result, gum disease is a common problem which, as we all know, affects the whole body. Also, untreated perio disease can lead to tooth loss for your dog, hampering their eating. They will usually still eat, just not effectively. So care should be taken to prevent perio disease in your dog.

Brushing my three dogs' teeth is a royal pain so I get it done by the groomers or their vet. If you start brushing your dog's teeth when they are young it definitely trains them to tolerate it well (weird, same for kids!).

Another way to help prevent perio disease in your dog is to give them real bones to chew on. The natural act of gnawing on the bone helps to cleanse their teeth and stimulate their gums. We get cow bones weekly from the Butcher Shop in Eagle Point and they LOVE them.

Fun fact: dogs do not naturally get cavities! So when your dog is having to get teeth removed it's because of perio disease. They only way a dog gets a cavity is if he or she has corn in their diet, which they don't need and should be avoided.

We all love our four-legged family members and want them to live long happy lives, and taking care of their pearly whites plays a small but crucial role in that. So go grab them a cow bone to chew on, I'm sure you'll get a few slobbery kisses as a thank you. :)

- Jocelyn RDH

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